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Whooping cough and all about it

This disease was very common at the beginning of the twentieth century, but they learned to successfully fight it. But most viral and bacterial diseases mutate over time, and therefore, the risk of infection increases, and diagnosis becomes more and more difficult. But still, a competent doctor will always make the right diagnosis.The clinical picture of whooping cough is an infection of bacterial origin, the transmission pathway is airborne. The main symptoms are bouts of severe coughing, accompanied by spasms of the respiratory tract, which often leads to vomiting. However, the classic picture of the disease is not always observed, sometimes the disease can occur in the form of mild bronchitis or tracheitis, and then we should talk about paracoccus, which children tolerate much easier. But this does not mean that the disease can not be treated.Is vaccination mandatory?The answer to this question is YES! Vaccination may not be able to prevent infection, but it can minimize all possible complications. In addition, in children who received this vaccination, the disease proceeds much easier. Vaccination against whooping cough is carried out, as part of a comprehensive DPT vaccine, which consists of three courses with an interval of one and a half months. The first vaccination is given to the baby at 3 months, the last at six months. Then, once every one and a half years, a revaccination is carried out.When to run to the doctor?Untreated whooping cough, as a rule, gives serious complications to the respiratory and nervous system, therefore, when a baby has a strong cough, it is not necessary to start treatment yourself, since cough can be a symptom of many diseases, and accordingly treatment is required completely different. It is better not to waste time and immediately consult a doctor. After the examination, the child will be given the necessary laboratory tests to make an accurate diagnosis.How to treat?If the disease is acute, then you definitely can't do without antibiotics. Children under 2 years of age are shown treatment in a hospital. If the child easily tolerates an infectious disease, then you can consult a doctor regarding homeopathic treatment. But it is not necessary to combine treatment with homeopathy drugs with traditional antibacterial drugs. Such treatment will not have the proper therapeutic effect. In any case, the treatment should be prescribed by a doctor! Because in each case it will be purely individual!Tips for parents After you have started to carry out the treatment prescribed by the doctor, it is necessary to take into account some points that will contribute to the speedy recovery of your baby:- Be sure to ventilate the room several times a day. It will be much easier for a child to breathe in clean air.- Humidify the air, it will also help your baby! To do this, you can use a special device or ordinary wet towels, hanging them in the child's room.- If the child has no appetite during the illness, do not insist, because a full stomach only provokes coughing attacks more strongly. Try to follow a light dairy-vegetable diet.We hope that this information will be useful to you, and if you haven't vaccinated your baby yet, try to get vaccinated in the near future.Due to the fact that whooping cough has an airborne transmission pathway, avoid close contact with people who cough and sneeze violently. Remember that you are primarily responsible for your child's health! 1XBET Free Promo Code 130%. The promo code when registering in the 1xBet BC is designed to attract new customers. A set of letters and numbers is entered when creating an account, which raises the amount of the first deposit to$ 130 . The editorial board reminds that in order to receive the bonus, you will need to go through the wagering procedure. The bookmaker asks you to put down the amount in express trains. The coefficient of each individual bet is at least 1.4. After passing the wagering, the selected amount of money will transfer from the bonus to the main account.